A childhood memory is watching my Dad wrestle on the weekends to light a charcoal grill using lighter fluid or (gasoline if there was any lighter fluid available). remembering back, I don’t believe we actually used our grill other than on weekends as a result of his working schedule.

Dad would start the fire and then wait for it to get hot prior to grilling up a number of chicken parts or maybe burgers. However, Dad just couldn’t sit still waiting for the grill to heat up, andhe would become involved another job which needed to be completed and he would neglect the fire in the pit. When he returned and discovered the coals had burned out, he’d say something beneath his breath and begin all over again.

Allow me to please use this time to state that I believe barbecuing during the summer or hotter months is actually torturous. Why would somebody gather around a flaming hot pit when it’s actually 98* outdoors while mosquitoes and other insects are chowing down on your ankles? Cooking in the cooler months makes a lot more sense. Having said all of the above I tend to do most of my outdoor cooking in the summer. Simply sayin’.

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