Charcoal Grill Guide

To a grill party in the summer still belongs the charcoal grill to it …

The charcoal grill is still the best grill for many barbecuers compared to gas grill and electric grill. Because the charcoal gives the grilled food a good aroma and a special taste when burned. The meat, the fish and the grilled vegetables taste smoky and the barbecue is a great success. The disadvantage of a charcoal grill is the relatively large smoke, which can disturb the neighbors very quickly. You also have to be sure that the clothes and you smell as if you were lying on the charcoal grill and could have had a barbecue. The charcoal grills are available in different versions. There are, for example, the open charcoal grill, they are usually angular and provide enough space for the food.

If you want to barbecue on the way in a park or on vacation, you should opt for a round charcoal grill with lid. These are easy to transport, but these barbecues do not offer that much space for the food. If these sizes are not enough, you may consider building your own barbecue in the garden. This is very easy and even the artisanal not so talented can let off steam here. First, it should be decided where the charcoal grill should ultimately stand. Because the place is then forever the barbecue area, the grill can not be moved. The housing is being built with stones from the Bauhaus. Please buy and measure the right grate before, not that the grate is too small and the construction has to be demolished. It is also advisable to equip the grill with a small chimney, so that the smoke only draws in this direction and not criss-cross.

Charcoal grill: pros and cons

The charcoal grill has the advantage that it can actually be used everywhere. Since the charcoal grill does not need any electricity or gas source, it can also be assembled from simple utensils.
The charcoal grill is probably every one of us a concept. Often, this grill is given priority because it simply represents the quaintness of the grill. But as always in life, charcoal grills also have advantages and disadvantages.


If you are a true grill master, the fire and the embers of grilling are just part of it. Compared to an electric grill, the charcoal griller always crackles and bruises. The sizzling crickets already has a very long tradition and who keeps something for grilling, often chooses the charcoal grill, although there are also many other alternatives. The charcoal grill is the most mobile of all barbecues. While other grills are always tied to a source of electricity or gas, the charcoal grill can actually be used everywhere. In an emergency, a charcoal grill can also be made from very simple utensils, because it does not always have to be the professional griller so that the meat gets through nicely. A few stones are enough and in the middle is simply made a fire with the coals. Important here is only the grill, so that the meat does not rest directly on the coals. In addition, the charcoal grill is also easy to clean. Just remove the rust and empty the ash. The coarse impurities can then be removed with a grill brush.


Until the charcoal grill can really be used, it usually takes time. The embers must get the right temperature, otherwise the meat will not get through properly or will dry out during grilling. For the heating up, half an hour to an hour can be included. For a quick starvation, the charcoal grill is not the best choice. In addition, the quality must always be considered when purchasing the coal, because there are also serious differences here. The higher quality coal is, the slower it burns out. In order to prevent the development of carcinogenic substances, an aluminum foil must always be placed under the meat so that the fat does not drip directly onto the coals.

Kettle Grills

The ball grill is a special form of charcoal grill. In recent years, the ball grill has gained more and more importance, as it has many advantages.

In addition to the standard grills in charcoal grills, in recent years, some manufacturers have specialized in the ball griller. The Kugelgriller is gaining more and more popularity and is always replacing the Elektrogriller. The Kettle griller offers many possibilities when only little space is available.

The ball grill is characterized by grilling with the lid closed. This is not a new trend, but this form of grilling has been around for a long time, but has been refined in recent years. The ball grill is also a very cheap alternative to a smoker, which is very expensive to buy. Even with a kettle grill, the smoky taste of the coal can be preserved, which gives the meat a special touch. The griller also has a smoke grinder under control in the kettle griller. Thus, the smoke can always be controlled by means of a valve. Depending on the quality of the ball grill, there are either one or two valves to regulate the smoke.

In the cheap models, the valve is usually attached to the top. The scope of regulation is of course much more given in an expensive model. In addition, large ball grills also offer more grill surface. But if only ever grilled for two people, a small model is quite enough. All the details that a good big barbecue grill has can also be found on a kettle grill. For example, a charcoal holder, an ash container and a grill grate are always found on a kettle grill. Most of the ball grill also has different notches, in which the grill can be hung. In a ball grill not only the direct, but also the indirect barbecue is possible. In addition, if a grease drip tray is placed directly under the grill, toxic component development can be prevented. As the kettle griller is not particularly heavy, it can also be easily transported. Most models have wheels, which makes transport even easier.

The cleaning of a grill

The cleaning of the grill does not have to be done after each barbecue, but should be done regularly. Although this work may not be too popular, it should be done.
The grilled food has tasted, but then there is still the cleaning of the grill. A work that is not really popular, but still should be made regularly, so that in the future can still be grilled to your heart’s content. In recent years, there are always grills that can be disassembled so that some parts could also be washed in the dishwasher. But it should always be given precedence to washing by hand, even if this is a little more expensive. With a grill, which can not be disassembled, the question arises – dishwasher or not – not anyway. The cleaning by hand should always be given preference, as well as the material fatigue should be considered.

To clean the coarse contaminants there are numerous grill brushes which, while removing the dirt, do not damage the surfaces of the grill. So the rust and the fat residues can be removed. A nylon brush can also do wonders for cleaning. With a few drops of detergent can go to the fat on the collar, but the surfaces are spared. When washing up, however, care should always be taken that no toxic ingredients are used. Since after some time the griller is safely restarted, the toxins can adhere to the surfaces. In addition, the environment should always be considered when cleaning agents are used. There are also detergents that are offered by the manufacturer. Most of these can be applied with a brush targeted on the impurities. After a contact time is then simply rinsed with water and everything is clean again.

It is important to always think of cleaning agents when cleaning. Only too quickly it can come to the next barbecue to toxic vapors, which then set in the meat and are consumed.

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