Electric Grill Guide

Who does not know that? You plan a barbecue afternoon and out of the clear sky, clouds appear and it looks like the barbecue falls into the water. With an electric grill as a reserve something like this can not happen …

An electric grill ensures that even in wind and weather you do not have to give up the barbecue. Because the electric grill you can easily build in the apartment and go barbecue. The construction of the grill is very simple. Set up, connect to the power, done. The handling is very easy. The grill temperature can be set by means of a rotary knob, the heating elements then heat themselves up. Because the electric grill needs no coal to prepare the sausage and the steak. The only thing needed is a power connection nearby. There are differences in the electric grills. One is working with grills, another with a ceramic hob, another is buffing up the food on the hot stone.

Depending on your preference and your wallet you can decide which grill is best for your own use. And the electric grill has another advantage. Because the steak and the sausage from the grill are much healthier, since neither a grill lighter nor coal are needed. The use of barbecue lighters and coal can be harmful to your health. Moreover, most electric grills do not drip grease on the heating elements, so there are no carcinogenic vapors inhaled by the grill master or reflected on the food being grilled. And since no coal is needed, there is no danger that ashes will be whirled up. But many grills complain about just these advantages of the electric grill. No smoke, different taste and so on. In the end, everyone should decide for themselves, above the normal charcoal grill or at least to the healthy electric grill seizes. Both come at the end of the same delicious steaks and sausages.

The small version of the electric grill, which is also suitable for “indoor use”, is called a table grill. This grill variant can, as the name implies, easily put on each table and then then, for example. prepare the food at the dining table “live”. Who does not want to have the smell of meat in the apartment, should grill with the table grill / electric grill under a fume hood.

Electric Grills Pros and Cons

The electric grill can be used in any weather. Also, it is not a problem to use the electric grill on the balcony. There are no toxic components as no oil drips on the coals.

The electric grill has been used more and more often in recent years. As with any device but there are advantages and disadvantages.


The electric grill can be used in any weather. Since it is small and handy, it can provide not only in the garden, but also on the balcony for a delicious grilling pleasure. Mostly it is used when the charcoal grill is out of the question. In addition, no toxic secondary components that would be caused by the dripping fat on the coal. In an electric grill, the oil is collected in a pan and does not drip onto the coal. Even if the electric griller is powered by electricity, the new devices are very energy-efficient and there is no bad awakening in the electricity bill. For most electric grills you can start grilling faster than with a charcoal grill, as the plates warm up faster. The exception here are the electric grills made of cast iron, which take a very long time to reach the right temperature.


It is often stated that an electric grill does not produce the typical grill taste, like a charcoal grill. However, this rumor is not really underpinned, because the type of grilling has no effect on the taste of the meat. Due to the low grill temperature also the cooking time would be much longer. Since an electric griller can not reach more than 110 degrees, the cooking time is extended, which makes the meat a bit dry. That could also be a reason why the charcoal griller is always given preference. In a charcoal griller temperatures of more than 260 degrees are reached very quickly, which is why a protective crust forms quickly on the meat. As a result, the meat does not dry out. Mostly the wrong application is responsible for the other taste. An electric grill must always be preheated. Only when it reaches its temperature should the meat be put on.


The electric grill does not have to be completely cleaned after every barbecue. Often it is sufficient to remove the coarse impurities. The grill chamber can only be cleaned as needed.

So that the electric griller is still handsome and clean after a few years, it should be cleaned regularly. Some manufacturers have specified in the operating instructions for this very clear guidelines, which should also be kept, so that the electric griller also remains functional. You should always use a mild detergent. Some manufacturers also recommend their own products. The grill brush removes the coarse impurities and with a soft sponge, the surfaces are made to shine again.

The electric grill should not be cleaned directly after grilling, because for the time being the plates have to cool down. In most cases, a time of 30 minutes can be included. If no more smoke flows out of the lid, the griller can already be cleaned. The grill is then cleaned with the grill brush. The lid can be cleaned with a soft damp cloth. Depending on the degree of soiling, the grill chamber should be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. The grill chamber does not have to be cleaned after every barbecue. In most cases, it is quite sufficient if the impurities are removed with a spatula. The trays that trap the fat should always be kept clean and free of grease. The heating coil has a self-cleaning effect on most electric grills, as in this area can develop a very high heat. However, this should always be taken from the operating instructions.

Most manufacturers claim that the grill chambers should never be protected with aluminum foil, although this would make cleaning easier.
Most drip trays can also be bought later. If these are no longer really clean, or already look unhygienic, they should be better exchanged.

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