Gas Grill Guide

Regular gas grill vs lava stone gas grill

A gas grill is a way to spoil the guests during the summer with a barbecue …

The gas grill is operated with LPG. Butane or propane gas is one of the liquefied gases. Since a gas grill does not need to be heated for a long time, grilling is much easier than with a charcoal grill. But the price of a gas grill is not to be despised. For a good grill with liquefied gas operation, one can count on several hundred euros, which one must spend. In addition, gas grills are technically more sophisticated and more easily prone to failure. There are different ways to buy. Some have ceramic briquettes or lava stones under the grate which are heated. In other grills, it is cast iron plates that are heated by burners. Then there are the grills, which gas flames have under angle bars made of specially enameled steel.

The large rectangular gas grills have hoods and several burners. These can be lit separately, allowing direct and indirect grilling. And with several grates different temperature zones can be set up so that different dishes can be cooked at the same time. The gas grills are usually offered the same with a grill car. In America, grilling with such gas grills is very popular, Americans love their BBQ. The advantages of a gas grill are that it has, among other things, a low preheating time. Furthermore, the heat can be variably adjusted with rotary controls and the gas grill is much easier to clean than a charcoal grill. With a gas grill you do not have the smoke like the charcoal grill and you can grill very well with the gas grill also on the balcony. Because the neighbors are not disturbed by the smoke. The disadvantages are that the gas grills are very bulky and heavy and also expensive to buy.

Camping Grills

The camping grill should be easy to transport and be robust against impact. There are already models that can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps.
A camping grill offers very different models. Here you will find both electric grills and gas grills. But also charcoal grills can be found in this area.

It should always be noted that especially when camping, not always large quantities of meat on the grill. That’s why the camping griller should also be very versatile. When buying should always be paid to the simple cleaning. After all, a camping holiday can take a few days. If then the camping grill can not really be cleaned, the grilled meat will soon not really taste. With a gas grill, the big advantage is that there are usually separate areas where even small portions can be grilled or roasted.

Another important aspect – the camping grill should be as robust as possible. Since a camping grill can also be transported very often, it should not be prone to shocks. Most of the camping grills are also offered their own essays made of plastic. So the camping grill can always be transported without being damaged. Even the ball griller is used more and more often in camping in recent years. Since camping usually has to pay attention to the surrounding neighbors, a strong smoke development should always be avoided. Through a valve to regulate the air ejection of the ball grill develops very little smoke. In addition, the ball grill can not only be purchased in different categories, but also the prices are very cheap here.

There are some camping grills that can be assembled and disassembled in a few simple steps. This makes transport a lot easier and makes cleaning easier. There are also already models that have a small drip tray, in which the juice of the grilled meat is collected. So you can make tasty sauces in no time at all.

Built-in grill

The built-in grill is a good alternative if you do not want to miss out on the barbecue fun even in winter. But always the right model should be selected, which meets your own requirements and those of the kitchen.
The built-in griller is suitable for those barbecue fans who do not want to miss the barbecue fun in winter. Since even in winter, the tasty grilled meat does not have to be avoided, built-in grills are a good alternative. Before a built-in griller is bought, however, the advantages and disadvantages should always be weighed. In addition, the built-in griller should always be mounted near a dishwasher.

Even with the size must always be considered that not too much space in the kitchen is taken. When cleaning, it should always be ensured that this is not associated with too much effort, otherwise the built-in auger will probably not be used often. If cleaning is associated with a very high cost, the barbecue fun will probably be limited. Also, the processing should not be disregarded when buying a built-in griller. There are very different models, which differ in the style of the grill. With a built-in griller, both gas grills and electric grills can be purchased. But charcoal grills and induction grills are already on the market. Especially in this area, a lot has happened in recent years. Due to the space in the kitchen, either wide or oblong models can be bought. The choice of sizes is rather limited. In addition, the purchase of a built-in griller is always associated with a high cost.

If you are looking for unusual sizes and models with a built-in griller, you need to dig a little deeper into your wallet. The material should be chosen either in enamel or brass. First of all, these materials are very easy to clean and they also look more stylish. However, a built-in griller can sometimes cause a larger amount of smoke. This circumstance can be a bit disturbing, especially in the house or in the flat, and become a big disadvantage.

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