Lava Stone Grills – Pros and Cons

A lava stone grill is also one of the group of gas grills and thus shares all the benefits of a gas grill over a charcoal grill has …

Actually, you can count the lava stone grill to the gas grills, since it is powered by gas. That is why the lava stone grill is also very quickly ready for use, as it does not have to preheat long. The desired temperature can be set on the gas regulator. One or more burners are attached to the bottom of the grill and the grate is laid over them. Then come the lava stones, which are heated by the burner. The barbecue takes place on the heated lava stones. Most lava stone barbecues are sold with a lid. If the lid is put on the grill when grilling, the heat does not penetrate to the outside and the grilling temperature can be reached faster. During the heating phase, the grill should be taken out so that the food can be laid.

If you put the food on the hot grill, it sticks on and the removal becomes a fight. The advantages of a lava pit are that they are easy to transport thanks to small rollers. In addition, there are shelves on the sides, here you can put the food and the grill cutlery. The cleaning of a lava pit is very easy. After grilling, close the lid and turn on the burners again. This will solve all the fat and all the leftovers. Clean the grill like any other grill with a wire brush and soapy water. In addition, one or two lava stones should be removed and cleaned once per season. Boil the lava stones in hot soapy water, then let them dry well. The disadvantage of a lava stone grill is on the one hand, the relatively complicated structure, the best always keep the set up instructions at hand. In addition, the lava stone grill is quite large and bulky.

Lava stone grill advantages and disadvantages

The lava stone riller has all the advantages of electric grills and charcoal grills combined. He is not tied to a power source and still receives the sizzle of the fire.
The lava stone riller has gained in popularity in recent years and the reason for this is also obvious. Since the lava stone griller is usually operated with gas, there is hardly any smoke. But even with the lava rock riller there are advantages and disadvantages. When a lava stone grill is bought, the pros and cons should always be weighed against each other. A lava stone riller combines all the good features of an electric grill and a charcoal grill in a grill.


There is hardly any odor, or smoke, which is why the lava rock riller can also be used when neighbors are in the environment. Although the lava stone riller is initially more expensive to buy than a charcoal grill, this financial outlay is compensated for very quickly, because gas prices are much cheaper compared to coal prices. In the long run, money can be saved with the lava stone riller. The lava stone riller is also very quickly at the desired operating temperature. The gas is also stepless and easy to control. The grill areas also stay warm and constant for a long time. The lava stone riller is not dependent on electricity and the sizzling of the fire is still preserved. In recent years, numerous models have been produced that are no longer so large that they can only be used in the garden, but there are also small and portable lava stone cutters that can also be taken for camping.


The lava stones must be cleaned at regular intervals and then changed. As the stones absorb more and more fat over time, which drips during grilling, they are not really nice to look at after some time. In addition, these stones then represent a source of danger – because the fat on the stones, it can always come back to jet flames, which represent a danger to the grill master. For this reason, you should rather opt for lava stone scrapers, which have ceramic stones or cast iron plates.