Rotisserie Chicken Recipes

Rotisserie Chicken On Grill Recipe

This post explains the recipe for preparing rotisserie chicken on grill; this is an easy recipe that tastes awesome.

Ingredients Required

Here is the list of ingredients that you will need for making rotisserie chicken on the rotisserie grill. Measurements are given for six servings; a single serving provides 356 calories:

  • Whole chicken- 1 (approx. 3 pounds)
  • Salt- 1 pinch
  • Butter- ¼ cup (melted)
  • Salt- 1 tablespoon
  • Paprika- 1 tablespoon
  • Black pepper- ¼ tablespoon (ground)


Take the chicken and season the interiors with a pinch of salt. Keep it on the rotisserie and keep the grill settings at high level. Cook at this setting for around 10 minutes. In the meantime, blend butter, pepper, paprika, and one tablespoon of salt. Turn the grill settings to medium and baste the butter mixture to the chicken. Cover with a lid and cook for around an hour basting intermittently till the internal temperature comes to around 180° F (83° C); you can check this by using a meat thermometer at the thigh portion. Remove the chicken from the grill and allow it to cool for around 15 minutes before slicing into pieces. Transfer the pieces to a serving plate.

How to Make Rotisserie Stuffed Chicken Recipe

One can attain the Rotisserie stuffed chicken in the grocery stores and the specialty markets. You can make the Rotisserie chicken yourself with the help of rotisserie stuffed chicken recipe presented in this post. So, let’s start off with the basics.

Organizing the Grill

In order to attach the rotisserie, make use of the instructions and initially test it for better rotation. The grill should preheated to medium high temperature; make sure that you arrange sufficient charcoal and gas for continuous heat underneath the chicken.

Prepare the Chicken

The chicken should be cleaned and make sure that you remove the innards. The chicken should be tied in order to hold the legs and wings close to the body. The chicken should be seasoned with pepper and salt, and then the spit should be inserted through the chicken.

Cooking Procedure

The spit should be placed on the rotisserie and then you need to turn on the rotisserie. Melt mixture of 1/4 cup of water and butter. With the mixture of water and butter, baste the chicken for at least 10 minutes.

Cook the chicken until the temperature reaches 165 F and it will take approximately 1.5 hours. Make sure that you use a good thermometer to check the temperature.

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