What is a Rotisserie?

The method of roasting meat on fire in a campfire, fireplace, or over a pan is known as Rotisserie. Generally, this process is used for cooking large pieces of animal meats such as goats, turkeys, or pigs. In this method, meat is subjected to uniform fire for easier basting.

Rotisserie is also a symbol of a mechanical device, which is used in restaurants for split-roasting chicken and meat. This concept was first invented by Paris shops in 1450. In addition to this, this device is used to do the Escoffierian brigade de cuisine and it plays a major road in spit-roasting and preparing grilled and roasted chicken.

Types of Rotisseries

Currently, two types of Rotisseries are available; they are Horizontal Rotisseries and Vertical Rotisseries. Let’s take a detailed look at them one after the other.

Horizontal Rotisseries

These Rotisseries have thin rods (skewers), which are designed horizontally along the heat source. Usually, they’re utilized to cook larger pieces like sides of beef and pork or complete chicken. These Horizontal Rotisseries are available in multiple-spit and single-spit models, and the multiple-spit models are ideal for commercial use. By regular rotation, the food attached to Horizontal Rotisseries will be perfectly cooked.

Vertical Rotisseries

In the case of Vertical Rotisseries, the skewers are designed to vertically rotate at the front side of heat source. In case of most of the models, the meat is cooked directly on the fire, whereas some methods follow traditional methods to heat chicken. They are designed specially to cut meat into pieces to cook steak sandwiches, tacos, and kebabs. Exact balance is not required for this type and these are more user friendly than Horizontal Rotisseries.

Working of a Rotisserie

Grouping of a heat source, a turning motor, and a spit makes a Rotisserie. The spit is used to hold meat even while rotating it on fire. Usually, the rod is made up of stainless steel or aluminum. Usually, the motor is electric and powers the spit to rotate the chicken. The heat source offers heat by means of electric or gas heat source, or charcoal heat source.

Coming to the process, meat is prepared as required, with processes such as soaking in a marinade and trimming. The meat is skewered or slid onto the spit and the meat should be balanced if the Rotisserie is horizontal or it will prevent or strain the electric motor for the movement of spit.

After the meat is placed on the spit, it should be clamped to the spit and because of impact of electric motor; the rod rotates on the fire resulting in uniform heating. In the meanwhile, the center part of spit is made to hold small pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables.

How to Cook with Rotisserie

With the help of a rotisserie, meat has to be cooked or roasted slowly on a dry and low heat, and the cooked meat is tender and moist.

Watch this video to understand how rotisserie works.

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